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  • Interactive online guided tour of La Scala Opera House and Museum conducted by a licenced tourist guide. 
  • Easy link to connect to our Zoom platform and email reminder before the tour.
  • PC or tablet and Internet connection
  • Zoom downloaded to your device
  • Approx. 45 minutes followed 15 minutes for Q and As.

On this virtual tour you are guaranteed a viewing of the stage, the sunken orchestra pit, the boxes and behind the scenes. What’s more you won’t be jostling for space with lots of other people. With the help of Google Arts and Culture and Google Earth we’ll take you directly to these places inside the world-famous opera house as you discover the stories behind the premières of some of the world’s best-loved operas and the trials, tribulations and triumphs experienced by composers and singers alike. You’ll learn about the history of this temple of music with its austere neo-classical façade to the sophisticated theatre of today. Then you’ll be guided through the delightful museum that houses the paintings, costumes and personal belongings of some of the composers, opera singers and ballerinas who have performed here. Their stories were often intertwined with the ambitions of the city indeed of Italy, so even if you only have a passing interest in opera, they can be the most moving of all.

This tour is fully interactive so you’ll be able to ask your guide any questions or satisfy any curiosity just as if you were in the foyer on the opening night. But at the same time you can enjoy a glass of your favourite drink and imagine yourself in the Arturo Toscanini foyer between acts. When the time comes and you finally get to see inside La Scala and bask in its magical aura you’ll understand why this glittering stage was such a point of arrival for the artists who performed here and for the privileged box owners.

The La Scala Opera House online tour

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