The Last Supper and Sforza Milan

Online tour of Leonardo da Vinci's Masterpiece and the city ruled by the Sforzas




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  • Interactive online guided tour of the Last Supper painting and museum.
  • Tour conducted by a licenced tourist guide and art historian
  • Easy link to connect to our Zoom platform and email reminder before the tour
  • PC or tablet and Internet connection
  • Zoom downloaded to your device
  • Approx. 45 minutes followed 15 minutes for Q and As.

Few paintings have been the object of such fascination, awe or just plain admiration. as the Last Supper and it's probably true that few cities would have offered Leonardo da Vinci the same opportunity to prove his multi-faceted genius as 15th-century Milan  

During this online art and history tour, using high resolution images of the masterpiece, your guide, a specialist in art history, will zoom in on the detail and reveal the secrets behind the facial expressions, the hand gesture and the body language that make this painting one of the most radical of all times. 

Leonardo designed the painting that graces the north-facing wall of the refectory of a Dominican monastery, as an optical illusion using a unique combination of perspective and psychological insight. A watershed in the history of art it would propel Milan, one of the most prosperous cities in Christendom, into the centre stage of the Renaissance.

But this tour will also bring to life that brief golden period enjoyed by this city dominated by the powerful Sforza family.  Using Google Earth, your guide will virtually take you into a forgotten world filled with vineyards and secret gardens so beautiful they would inspire Shakespeare over a century later.

You'll be able to ask your guide, all those unanswered questions about the painting from the comfort of your armchair and when you finally get to stand in front of Leonardo da Vinci’s monumental masterpiece you’ll see why it's one of the most famous paintings in the world.

The Last Supper and Sforza Milan online tour

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