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Fridays and Saturdays 

18:00 or 21:00 Italian time


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  • Interactive online guided tour conducted by a professionally licenced local tourist guide
  • Easy link to connect to our Zoom platform and email reminder before the tour
  • PC or tablet and Internet connection
  • Zoom downloaded to your device
  • Approx. 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes for Q and As.


If anyone tells you that Milan is all about fashion, design and finance they probably haven't yet taken the time to explore what lies beneath  the surface of this eclectic city.  

As you virtually walk through its lesser known streets using a combination of Google Earth and Street Maps your guide, Deborah will tell you some of the many forgotten stories that took place inside the elegant buildings. You'll virtually delve into dark corners, view artistic masterpieces  tucked away behind unassuming façades but also places of unexpected beauty. As the history of the city unfolds and some of its lesser known treasures are illustrated so too will its most intriguing personalities re-emerge from the depths of the past. Such as the wicked Countess of Challant, the serial killer who hid his victims' bodies in a basement cellar. And just who did the bones in the macabre bone chapel really belong to?  Your idea of Milan will never be the same again as you gain this new perspective of Italy's financial capital. Of course not every mystery can be solved. But then it's sometimes more tantalizing when you don't have all the answers...

This online experience is designed to be interactive so you'll be able to ask questions and talk to your guide just as if you were on a live walking tour. Last but not least make sure you have a glass of your favourite drink at the ready to raise a glass to the moment when you'll get to discover these streets directly.

Mysteries of Milan Online Tour

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